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Young professionals compose approximately one-quarter of the global population. We’ve labeled them millennials, and they are the largest generation ever with 71 million in the United States as of 2016. The millennials consumer habits have puzzled researches and marketers for a while. One thing is sure, they want a smart home for their first one.

Young Professionals Want to Make Life Simpler

Young homeowners don’t just want smart homes because they grew up with advanced technology; it also makes their lives simpler. Millennials also want a security system to protect the largest investment they’ve ever made; their home. Home automation and home security combine to make the ultimate smart home with intelligent home security.

Smart Home Technology Offers Flexibility

Younger generations love innovative technology, and they are willing to pay for it. A smart home allows them to easily control their lives without being tied down while managing their home. They can simply monitor and manage their system on the go with a smartphone app.  The primary functions they can oversee from anywhere are:

  • Checking their security camera recording
  • Unlocking and locking doors
  • Viewing and speaking with whoever rings their video doorbell
  • Respond to notifications and alarms

Intelligent Home Technology Represents the Complete Package

A total smart home security package provides many benefits, such as:

  • Smart homeowners can safely and quickly enter their homes with keyless entry powered using smart locks connected to the home’s security system. It enables them to disable the alarm, turn on the lights in the residence, and unlock the doors using their smartphone from the driveway when they come home.
  • Smart home security systems identify possible threats using glass break detection and motion sensors connected to security cameras. These components all work together to detect a threat and send alerts to the homeowners through their cellphones.
  • They can also welcome family and friends that they trust by giving them a temporary security code. This code allows guests to come and go as they please without having to keep track of another key. The homeowner can deactivate and activate the code using the smartphone app.

Smart home security systems allow homeowners the flexibility to protect their houses from afar. They make life easier for the busy millennial who wants to run an efficient, safe home.

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