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How Your Smart Home Video Doorbell Helps Out Around the House

By Tom Vermillion | October 18, 2019
Video Doorbell

Smart home security systems aren’t the traditional security solutions that your parents had. They are comprehensive systems that protect your home and family as well as streamline household chores and tasks. The video doorbell has gained in popularity over the last several years, and here’s why. 1.     Answer the Door Whether You’re Home or at the Office…

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The Essential Home Security Features Every Family Needs This School Year

By Tom Vermillion | September 2, 2019
The Essential Home Security Features Every Family Needs This School Year

Often your kids are home alone in the afternoon until your workday is over. Kids don’t think about your energy bill, but your smart home security does.

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8 Ways Simplify Back-to-School With Smart Home Automation

By Tom Vermillion | August 28, 2019

With life getting increasingly busy and more mobile, using smart home technologies to simplify daily routines just makes sense. Here are some ways you can use your home security and home automation systems to make the daily school routine a breeze.

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How Smart Home Security Can Make Your Home Renovation Easier

By Tom Vermillion | July 17, 2019
How Smart Home Security Can Make Your Home Renovation Easier

Home renovation projects can be frustrating and stressful. After all, there are an endless parade of contractors that need to be let into the house. You have to plan with your spouse to take turns leaving work or staying home to accommodate all of the contractors.

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Your First Smart Home: How Young Professionals Can Start Life Off the Safe Way

By Tom Vermillion | July 3, 2019

The millennials consumer habits have puzzled researches and marketers for a while. One thing is sure, they want a smart home for their first one.

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What Is A Doorbell Video Camera?

By Tom Vermillion | June 10, 2019

Until very recently, traditional doorbells were all that was available so we had no reason compelling us to wonder if there could be a better way. With the advent of smart video doorbells, that all changed.

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Saving Big on Utilities with Smart Home Security

By Tom Vermillion | May 24, 2019

Smart home security comes with a smart thermostat that can save you big money on your summer electric bill. Here’s how it does that.

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3 Reasons To Add An Alarm System To Your New Home

By Tom Vermillion | May 14, 2019
home alarm systems in Kinston NC

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that more than 35 million Americans move into new homes each year – and although about half of all moves happen from June through September. Here’s why to make home security a moving day priority.

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Connecting Virtual Assistants to Smart Home Security

By Tom Vermillion | May 5, 2019
Raleigh nc home alarm company

If you connect one of these virtual assistants to your smart home security system, you can control all your connected smart home features with voice commands to the device – making your entire system hands-free. Here are some examples.

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Why More Homeowners in NC are Switching to Wireless Cameras

By Tom Vermillion | April 9, 2019

While sometimes it is hard to see new things take the forefront, wireless home security camera systems have some tremendous advantages that will make you want to cut the wires.

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