The Essential Home Security Features Every Family Needs This School Year
Tom Vermillion
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Have you noticed that your schedule has grown out of control since the kids have started back to school? Don’t worry, smart home automation can simply your fall routine and remind you of the things you miss or want to monitor. Today’s security systems function in many innovative ways to maximize efficiency.

Open Window and Door Alerts

Often your kids are home alone in the afternoon until your workday is over. Kids don’t think about your energy bill, but your smart home security does. The security system alerts you when doors or windows are left open so you can text the kids and remind them to correct the issue.

Since that may take some time, the alarm system connects with your smart thermostat and notifies it to set back to energy savings mode. Once your kids shut the door, the system resets the thermostat back up to a comfortable temperature.

User Codes

While you’re at work, you want to make sure that the kids get home safe. A smart home alarm system and smart locks allow you to assign each person in your family an entry code. It sends an alert to your phone every time someone uses their code to get into the house. When the kids get home safe, the alarm sends a confirmation to your smartphone that they’re home.

Reminders About Your Security System

It’s easy to forget to set the alarm or lock the front door when everyone’s running late. As you get used to the back-to-school schedule, the smart security system sends you alerts to let you know that you forgot to set the alarm. The alert includes a button so you can fix the problem. Simply tap it, and it resets the alarm or secures the house.

Smart Clips

When the kids are home alone, they aren’t allowed to have unapproved visitors, but since you’re at work, how can you monitor the situation at home? The security system saves you stress because the video cameras can send you smart clips when triggers for certain actions are set. A common trigger is user codes. Every time your kids enter the code to get into the house, you’ll receive a video clip of who’s coming into your home. You’ll always know when your kids have friends over-approved or not approved.

If you don’t have intelligent home technology yet, call a professional security integrator to customize and install the perfect smart home security solution specific to your needs. It will save you money, remind you of problems, and make home tasks easier.

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