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Smart home security systems aren’t the traditional security solutions that your parents had. They are comprehensive systems that protect your home and family as well as streamline household chores and tasks. The video doorbell has gained in popularity over the last several years, and here’s why.

1.     Answer the Door Whether You’re Home or at the Office

Video doorbells include live video feed, a speaker, and a microphone so that you can talk to your visitor without ever opening the door. When someone rings the doorbell, it sounds like a conventional one, but it also alerts you on your smartphone. While you can see them, they can’t see you.

Greet welcome guests or chase off unwelcome trespassers all through your smartphone app. You can answer from the sofa, bed, grocery store, or work. The video doorbell allows you to answer the phone from just about anywhere.

2.     Keep Tabs on Your Kids

The video doorbell can send video clips when motion on your porch triggers the camera. It’s not only great for monitoring suspicious activity on your porch; it can send you an alert when the kids get home from school.

One significant worry parents have is whether the kids made it home from school safe and the video doorbell relieves that stress. Plus, you can see who’s with the kids. Children also think it’s fun to ring the doorbell just to wave and say hello while you’re at work.

3.     Proactive Security

Your video doorbell helps you be proactive by catching crimes in progress instead of after they happen. The doorbell acts as the sentry for your driveway and porch, and it’s even better at night. Motion triggers the camera to take a video clip of what’s going on while also turning on the light to illuminate the porch.

You can scare the intruder off with a vocal warning through the security app on your smartphone, and most criminals don’t like to work in the light. The clip is easy to download and share with the police if you need to call them.

These are only a few features that make the video doorbell and incredible addition to your security system. If you don’t have one yet, contact your security integrator so they can create a customized plan that meets your security needs.

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