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As summer gets closer, many homeowners are bracing themselves for at least three straight months of high electric bills. Heating and cooling cost the average family almost $1,000 a year, and the summer months account for much of that. So it makes sense that energy-saving smart thermostats are so popular, with lots of homeowners making the switch to smart home security systems. After all, smart home security comes with a smart thermostat that can save you big money on your summer electric bill. Here’s how it does that.

Memorizing Your Activity

Your smart thermostat can memorize the activity in your home and intuitively make a decision about when it’s time to cool down the room. That’s right; it can operate room by room. And the more your system knows about your routines, the more effective the smart thermostat can be. Using the same motion detectors that alert your system if there’s an intruder attempting to break in, it memorizes who’s in the home at what times. If people are home, the thermostat stays at their chosen comfortable temperature. If they leave, the thermostat adjusts itself to turn off the AC. It’s a great strategy for keeping the house cool at only the right times all summer long.

Reacting to Mistakes

What if the AC is running and you accidentally leave the back door open? It seems like a small mistake — but as anyone who has ever done it in the summer knows, it’s a mistake that wastes electricity and costs you money. But if you have a smart thermostat, the device actually senses that open door and reacts to it by adjusting itself to save the energy. For security reasons, you’ll also get a smartphone alert to close the door. Once you do, the thermostat returns to normal…and you didn’t lose any money.

Talking to Your Security System

Your smart thermostat will also “talk to” your security system and perform actions based on what your system tells it. In practical application, that means you can:

  • Program it adjust the thermostat when you arm the system in the morning
  • Program it to turn your lights off and sun-blocking window shades down
  • Create a “scene,” which is a series of commands for certain action

Talk about powerful technology – and best of all, it saves you money. To learn more about saving on your summer electric bill, contact DEPS Safety & Security. We will be glad to give you more information.

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