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As an employer, you understand that performing background checks is the responsible way to comply with the OSHA requirement to ensure a safe work environment for employees. Some employers opt to pay an online background check company to perform this critical task – but is that the best decision? As a professional investigation company, we know there are tangible advantages for employers who choose our services for background checks. Here are some of the differences.

We focus on corporate values.

An online background check may provide information on arrests, convictions, warrants and court records, but it won’t necessarily include incidents of employee theft, customer complaints, risk vulnerability – offenses that are important to corporate employers. We include all of it, in addition to driving and incarceration records going back much further than a standard online background check does. The idea is to help employers harden their targets and mitigate their risks of loss.

We insulate employers for their protection.

Smart employers prefer to insulate themselves from the “gory details” of job applicant backgrounds. It protects them from a variety of liabilities – everything from accusations of discrimination, to applicants opting to appeal decisions (their right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act). If the employer never had the background check in their possession, they are less vulnerable to these risks.

Our system assigns a numeric value to each infraction in the subject’s background, then uses those numbers to calculate a figure that results in a “pass” or “fail” of the check. This is especially valuable when subcontractors are being checked; the employer sets the criteria on what to check for, but they never see the full report – and it shields them from damaging liabilities.

We give you a personal contact.

No matter how well-known the online background check company is, they won’t give you a person to talk to when you need one. If an issue arises, your best option may be an email support feature (one that isn’t likely to be helpful). But with professional background checks, North Carolina employers can call a phone number and speak to a real, knowledgeable person who’s enough to help. And with a law enforcement background, you can be assured this is someone who represents your interests.

These reasons only scratch the surface of the differences between online background checks and a professional investigation company. To speak with a provider of professional background checks, contact DEPS Safety & Security Inc. 

About DEPS Safety & Security Inc.

DEPS Safety & Security Inc. performs professional investigation services for corporations and other employers, performed by licensed private investigators. Our services include criminal record checks, loss prevention investigations, and background checks in North Carolina. Contact us at (888) 806-0987.