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Every profession has its stereotypes, and private investigation is no different. Often, TV typecasts of private detectives are what make individuals and employers hesitant to accomplish their information goals by hiring private investigators. North Carolina residents who are interested in what real private investigators are like may want to keep reading, though; if you’re interested in what an experienced, skilled private investigator can do, you might be surprised by what you find.

Here are some of the myths about private investigators, and how we at DEPS Security Group are different than what you see in the movies.

Myth #1: Private investigators are shady characters.

Everyone knows the fast-talking, shadow-lurking detective character, and not many people like him. But in real life, a qualified private investigator has passed a background investigation of his own, which includes a criminal record check and drug screening. At DEPS Security Group, our policy is that investigators must be of sound character and demonstrate they have good judgement; moreover, we require that they maintain a professional appearance while working.

Myth #2: Only jilted spouses hire private investigators.

It’s another myth born in the movies: wealthy housewives and high rolling husbands hiring private investigators to tail their spouses and catch them in the act. Truth be told, those cases are few and far between. Today’s private investigation clients are largely employers, and the number one reason they hire our services is to assist in loss prevention. If there has been corporate theft of some kind, a private investigator can get the facts, create a report, and present the information to the client to aid their loss mitigation efforts and prevent theft in the future.

 Myth #3: Your information isn’t safe.

We can only speak for ourselves – but at DEPS Security Group, we keep our clients’ information 100% confidential. Whether the investigation we conduct is internal or external, the information gathered goes straight into the report, which goes directly to the client, and nowhere in between.

These are a few of the most common myths about private investigators, and we’re happy to put them to bed once and for all. To discuss hiring private investigators in North Carolina, contact DEPS Safety & Security Inc. today. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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