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Your home or office security system is only as effective as the codes used to arm and disarm it. While it might seem like common sense for picking your code, choosing the wrong code could be costly and dangerous. Before you decide, consider a few rules for making sure you have a strong security code in place. If you are not sure, consult your local NC home security professional like Down East Protection for suggestions.

How Often Do You Pick a Security Code?

You will select a code when you have your new system installed, but that code should not be used forever. Security codes should be changed when:

  • You think the code is compromised
  • You gave the code out to someone who cannot completely be trusted
  • You have used the same code for over six months

How to Pick the Right Alarm System Code

  • Be Random – Randomize the numbers as much as possible to make it difficult for someone to guess.
  • Do Not Use Easy-to-Guess Numbers – Never use a phone number, special date or birth date for your code. While they are easier to remember, they are also easy for someone to guess.
  • Avoid Repetitive or Patterned Numbers – Do not pick a security code with multiple numbers in a row, such as “2222” or “1234” or “2468”.

Once you select a security code, be as discreet as possible with that code. If you have young children, teach them the importance of protecting that code. While everyone in the house must learn the code, do not write it down somewhere where it can be easily found in your home. One of the easiest ways for someone to break-in is when the code is written next to the security keypad, but it’s common to find that many homeowners still do it.

Outdated security pads can also hinder the performance of your security system.

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